Anthem: IHMC will help US with insurance for pre-existing conditions

IHMS plans to offer insurance to people with pre-occurring conditions that could prevent them from accessing coverage from other insurers, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and Blue Cross & Blue Shield New York, a spokesperson said.

That means people with preexisting conditions like diabetes, asthma, cancer, arthritis and multiple sclerosis would be able to obtain coverage through IHMs.

IHMI’s decision comes on the heels of Anthem, which said it would help the US with pre toexisting conditions by providing them coverage, among other benefits, under the Affordable Care Act.

Anthem had previously announced it would not offer pre-existing conditions in states that expanded Medicaid under the ACA, as the state’s GOP-controlled legislature blocked the expansion.

Anthem said in October that it will not offer coverage for pre to existing conditions in Texas because the state is moving forward with its own Medicaid expansion.