Conservatives’ latest attack ads target Liberals in Alberta’s NDP race

The Conservatives have unleashed an attack ad that takes aim at the Liberals in the province’s NDP-held seat of Calgary-Elbow.

The ad begins with a shot of the NDP’s incumbent premier, Danielle Smith, and the words “Quebec’s NDP” before switching to a shot from the Conservatives of NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh.

The shot is a direct shot at Singh.

It’s not a shot at Smith or anyone else.

The Conservative ads are the latest in a series of attacks against the Liberals.

“Jagmeet Singh is just a political tool to distract from the real issues,” reads the ad.

The Tories say the Liberals are playing politics with their seat.

“The NDP is a political party of the rich and powerful and the rich are the ones who pay the price,” the ad reads.

“The NDP will continue to support the rich.”

The NDP says it is trying to win back the seat.

“We’re not trying to take over the seat from the Liberals, but to help rebuild it,” said NDP candidate, James Gantt.

The NDP won the seat in last year’s provincial election by an even wider margin than the Liberals won it in 2017.

The party won the seats in each of the past two elections.

The ads come just weeks after the Conservatives accused the Liberals of using their incumbency advantage to win Calgary-Eastwood.

“If we were to be honest, we think that if we were going to hold the seat, we needed to have a majority government and we need to have that majority in order to be able to do the things we need and we can do them more efficiently,” said Conservative candidate and Calgary-Eglinton MP Kevin Lamoureux.