‘Direct Auto Insurance’ – what it is, what it means and when you should get it

Direct Auto Insurance is a form of insurance that provides a direct link between a person’s vehicle and a third party who will be responsible for paying the cost of repairs if the vehicle breaks down.

You can get a Direct Auto insurance policy in Ireland if you live in Ireland and pay a deposit of €1,000 per year.

If you’re a resident of a member state, your insurance will be covered.

If your policy doesn’t cover the repairs, the company will provide you with a loan to cover the cost.

There are also options to buy a Direct auto insurance policy from a third-party company.

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What is a Direct Insurer?

Direct Auto insures vehicles and other vehicles for the following categories: road transport, personal vehicles, light duty vehicles, heavy duty vehicles and heavy duty goods.

Find the most popular types of Direct Auto premiums on the Ireland’s cheapest car insurance policy website.

Direct Auto premium You will pay the difference between the price you pay for your direct auto insurance and the amount you need to cover your deductible.

The Direct Auto Premium covers the cost for repairs and replacement costs for your vehicle or for goods or services provided by your company.

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The cheapest car policy If you have a car that has a Direct insurance, you’ll pay the full price of your direct insurance policy regardless of whether it has a discount or not.

This is the most common form of car insurance, with the cheapest car costing around €1.00 per mile (1.2 euros per kilometre) and the cheapest policy costing €0.0018 per mile or €0,07 per kilometer.

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When can you get a Discount car insurance?

In Ireland, the first time you buy a car insurance premium is when you get your Direct Auto policy.

After that, you can get any other kind of insurance through your insurance provider or by having your insurance company apply for a Direct Insurance Policy.

Find an Irish Direct Auto insurer or car insurance broker in the country that you live.

Find a discount car insurance agent in Ireland or buy a discounted Direct Auto car insurance for less than €100.

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It is also available in Northern Ireland.

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