New law aims to improve insurance coverage for women, says governor

Governor Mary Fallin, who is seeking a second term in office, said Friday she is seeking to improve access to health insurance by ensuring that women receive adequate health coverage, and encouraging employers to offer coverage to their female employees.

The bill, known as the Healthy Michigan Plan, aims to make health coverage for Michigan women more affordable and accessible, and would provide a “fair and equitable” distribution of subsidies for women in Michigan, according to a statement from Fallin’s office.

She also is seeking an increase in funding for health insurance programs and to allow employers to hire women, according the statement.

The Healthy Michigan plan would make Michigan the seventh state to guarantee full coverage to women, which falls short of a goal set by President Donald Trump’s administration in 2020.

The plan, which would cost $1.3 billion, is expected to reach the governor’s desk next week.

A recent state-wide survey found that just under 70 percent of women who work in the state have access to coverage.

About 80 percent of all women in the U.S. live in a state with comprehensive health insurance coverage, according a Kaiser Family Foundation report released in April.

A federal judge ordered Michigan to begin enrolling women in state health insurance plans starting Jan. 1, 2018.

The Michigan House approved the bill on Thursday, but the Senate failed to act on the legislation.

The measure would create a “new and comprehensive state health plan” that would provide coverage for health care, education, home and community care, dental care, mental health, and emergency and life support services, according Fallin.

The legislation would allow women to receive coverage in addition to their current coverage under the existing state plan.

The governor has proposed raising the age of eligibility for coverage from 20 to 25, allowing women to enroll in their own health plans.

She has also said that she would work to ensure that all Michigan residents have health insurance, including those who do not have insurance.

The House and Senate have both approved the measure.