Verizon offers free smartphone insurance for small business

A Verizon Wireless spokesperson confirmed to IGN that they have provided free smartphone health insurance to employees, as per a recent report.

The coverage is offered through Verizon Wireless HealthCare, and is not a one-time offer.

Employees can choose from one of three tiers: Health Insurance (up to $500 per month for an individual), Personal Insurance (Up to $5,000 per year for an employer), and Family Coverage (up the line for a maximum of $50,000 annually).

While the coverage is good for both employers and employees, Verizon also makes sure that it’s available for employees who are new to the company and/or are not qualified to qualify for their own coverage.

You can sign up for coverage here.

Verizon has also made it easier for you to get a smartphone by adding a free Verizon SIM card to your Verizon Wireless account.

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Verizon HealthCare also offers smartphone coverage through its “Verizon Mobile Health Plan,” which includes a $50 monthly premium.

However, the service does not include any coverage beyond the health insurance.

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